Linking Policy Evaluation Criteria:  As a member service, DRCEA may provide links to other organizations that provide information of benefit to retirees and senior citizens. External links do not constitute an endorsement by DRCEA of the opinions, products or services presented on the external site, or of any sites linked to it.

External links are intended to support DRCEA’s mission. They are not intended to support private or
commercial organizations or businesses.  Links to .org, .gov, .edu, or other non-profit sites that provide
information related to DRCEA’s mission are encouraged because of their general non-commercial, public-interest nature.  Links to .com, .net, and other commercial, or for-profit sites may be acceptable if supportive of needs relevant to DRCEA’s mission.  These sites may include:

·     Organizations engaged in a partnership or supportive role with DRCEA;   

·     Federal, state and local government agencies; and

·     Retiree/senior citizen related associations/organizations

The DRCEA evaluates all suggested links using the following criteria:

·     Is the recommended website an official government-owned or supported website? 

·     Does the recommended website provide official government information or services? 

·    Does the recommended website complement existing information, products and services on DRCEA.org? 

·     Is the recommended website accessible and applicable to a wide audience? 

·     Is the recommended website's content relevant, useful and authoritative for DRCEA members? 

·     Does the recommended website's information appear to be accurate and current? 

·     Does use of the recommended website require registration and if so is its approach to the collection of personal information consistent with DRCEA’s privacy and security policies? 

·     Is the recommended website "user-friendly?"

 DRCEA will not link to websites which contain the following:

·     Websites which exhibits hate, bias, or discrimination or promotes one political party over another.

·     Websites which are primarily commercial in nature (i.e., advertising a product, charging a usage fee, soliciting user information, etc.).

·     Websites which charge a user-fee for access.

·     Websites that are deemed to be misleading, contain unsubstantiated claims or are determined to be in conflict with DRCEA’s mission.

Reciprocal Links:
DRCEA may link to information in accordance to DRCEA’s linking policy, whether or not the other website links to us or not. DRCEA does not routinely engage in reciprocal linking.
Links from an Outside Resource:
Any public or private entity may link to DRCEA.org as long as the descriptive words of DRCEA.org are accurate and not misleading and do not misrepresent any relationship between the linking site and DRCEA.org. Entities may not use the DRCEA logo as its link.  Advance permission is not required in order to link to DRCEA.org provided these conditions are followed. 
Featured Links:
DRCEA.org highlights links of special interest to wide audiences by temporarily posting them in a position of prominence on the website. Featured links may include: seasonal information; current topics of interest to retiree/senicosponsored activities.or citizens; and

·     The DRCEA does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information contained on a linked website.
·     The DRCEA does not endorse the organization’s sponsoring linked websites, and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer. 

·     The DRCEA cannot authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in linked websites. Users must request such authorization from the sponsor of the linked website. 

·     The DRCEA is not responsible for transmissions users receive from linked websites. 

DRCEA Disclaimer of Liability:
DRCEA nor any of the Board Members makes any warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information from this server or the links outside of DRCEA.
Privacy and Security:
Review the DRCEA Privacy and Security Policy for additional information.


1.   The Detroit Retired City Employees Association [DRCEA] provides its World Wide Web [WWW] site as a service to its members.

2.   For site management, we may use software programs through a third party [site host] which may collect and create summary statistics on the date and time; the originating Internet Protocol (IP) address; the object requested; the address of the web site from which you linked to our site; the type of browser you use to access our web site; and the completion status of the request.

3.   We may gather statistics for the purpose of assessing what information is of most and least interest; determining technical design specifications; and identifying system performance or problem areas.

4.   This site is hosted by a third party: Charity Advantage. 

5.   The information we receive depends upon what you do when visiting our site. If you visit our site to read or download information, we may use the information we collect to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of our site, and to help us make our site more useful to visitors.

      You also may decide to send us personally identifying information, for example, in an electronic mail message containing a complaint or compliment. If you include personally-identifying information in your e-mail because you want us to address issues specific to your situation, we may use that information in responding to your request. In other limited circumstances, we may be required by law to disclose information that you submit. We will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site, unless you choose to provide such information to us.  Be aware that despite anything we do to protect electronic information, e-mail is not necessarily secure against interception. If your communication is very sensitive, or includes personal information, you might prefer to send it by regular mail instead.

 6.  On some of our Web pages we may offer interactive forms that let you voluntarily submit personal information (such as your e-mail address, name, or telephone number). This occurs when you are registering for various events offered by DRCEA, paying dues, making a contribution, or submitting comments to various web discussion forums. In those cases, all submitted information is used only for the express purposes for which it is intended and is not made available to any third party. However, when you submit a comment to a DRCEA web discussion forum, if you supply your name, e-mail address, or other personal information, that information may be posted along with your comment.

7.   Links to Other Sites: DRCEA provides several links to other web sites. When you leave any DRCEA Web site (xxx.DRCEA.org), you will be going to sites that are beyond our control. The privacy policies and procedures described here for DRCEA do not apply to any external links.  We encourage you to read the privacy policies of any site you link to from ours, especially if you share any personal information. Be informed. You are the person best qualified to protect your own privacy.